The Passion-Success Link:

Team-building Project Description:


My proposition is very simple; I'm a visual artist and I offer to create collective works of art which would include the participation of all personnel working in your organization. Together, using my medium (concrete, recycled copper and acrylic paint), we will create a gallery quality wall mountable sculpture. On the “Special Project" page, you can see many examples of past collective art projects, including the one where 8313 people participated during the World Acadian Congress 2009.


As banal as this may seem at first glance, along the way someone help me to realize that the collective artistic creation contains a powerful catalyst that builds and strengthens bonds between people. This effect is constantly reinforced every time a project participant glances/touches the completed masterpiece. Of course, no studies have been conducted on this subject; however, it only seems logical that genuine art creation could accomplish this.


In your project, you are the artists and I am the technician. I will bring everything needed for the project. In terms of time commitment on your part, the "rough in" segment of the activity can certainly be done within an hour. A meaningful  individual contribution / participation can be accomplished  within minutes. During this period of time, I will have every participant put a bend into a predetermined number of copper bands. Then, I will mix a small batch of concrete which, while wearing latex gloves, the participants will have the opportunity to spread into a frame/form… this is where adults become kids again! Once the bands of copper have been integrated into the concrete base, I will bring the unfinished work of art to my studio to add color and a protective coating.


Once finished, I will bring back the work of art (20" x 20") along with a commemorative plaque (20" x 10") describing the project mounted together on a backboard. The backboard will be painted flat black and offer a 2 inch framing border surrounding the whole project. I will also securely and safely install the work of art at a location of your choosing. With the protective coating, everyone will be welcome to touch it as this is definitely part of its appeal.The total size of the arrangement is 24”h x 36”w and comes with a special cleat for an easy and secure installation. At delivery, the completed project  becomes the property  of the client. 


For several examples of  previous projects,  please visit my "Special Project" page, specifically.

By this point, you may be wondering "what kind of the mess is this going to create in our workspace". It's a legitimate concern considering the medium I'm using. By using a tarp covering the work area, I will make sure not to leave a trace of my visit. The result of this "off the beaten path" group activity is bound to be the talk of the town. This piece from a previous group is a great example of what you can expect.

In terms of costs, every project this calculated individually according to the number of people participating and whether or not the project is out of town.


Bonus Activity:


If interested, I will share with your group specific observations I have made while in the process of becoming a professional artist. Irrespective of background or profession, I believe that the benefits of these observations are easily transferable and of great value to anyone wishing to increase the level of passion in their life. These benefits are amplified when experienced by a group or team.


Client comments:


“Reg's collaborative art project was a great way to bring people from different areas together in a creative project. The result is a beautiful piece of art, with the added benefit of getting to know other members of the organization much better as we worked together under Reg's guidance to create a truly rewarding activity.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Reg Noël on a few team building projects and both were an absolute blast!”


“This project was awesome... you ROCK!”




Once completed, the work of art will be delivered with a commemorative plaque describing your particular project. When visitors stop to admire your work of art, they'll admire even more the process through which it was created when they read the inscription. This masterpiece will serve as a great reminder of the importance of teamwork and passion in our lives.




Health Canada

City of Moncton

Atlantic Lotto Corporation

KPMG (Fredericton)

Eastern College (formaly,Compucollege)

Moncton YMCA

The Human Resources Association of New Brunswick

The Military Family Resource Center (Moncton and Oromocto)

and many more...

How passion increases our level of engagement in everything we do... personally and professionaly:

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but what I offer is a good start.

My team building workshops are centered on the fact that we can all benefit from an increase in the level of passion in our daily life. This increase positively impacts all aspects of our lives, personal and professional. When we are passionate about something, anything, we get better at everything else. Statistics tell us that up to 80% of the workforce is regularly disengage from its work related responsibilities, costing our economy untold millions. The fact is, if employees aren’t happy and engaged, they probably won’t get better with additional training. Let's do something about it.

Discovering my passion for the visual arts has had an immeasurably positive impact on every aspect of my life. Eventually, I felt compelled to share my story as I sensed it might benefit others. My first collective art project was with 15 teenagers from the Moncton YMCA leadership program. I chose to speak to teenagers first as I knew they would answer, with brutal honesty, the question... "Does my story contain any value for others?" After all, I certainly didn't want to waste anybody's time. Through a 10 question survey, they're unanimous answer was a resounding "YES". This gave me the impetus to continue to share my story and create works of art with large groups of people.

Below, you will find a newspaper article which illustrates my philosophy; we should never work for a living, but rather, we should live for our work. It earned its writer, Kathy Kaulfield, a place on the shortlist for the "Atlantic Journalism Award" in the spring of 2011. It represents accurately how I feel about the subject and it may offer you some leads for your own discoveries. Just click on the hi-resolution copy of the PDF below to read the article.


Portage Atlantic
Written by Kathy kaufield
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