Collective Art Projects:



We all know that creativity is not the exclusive property of the artistic world. That said, through my collective art projects, I invite people into my world with the hopes that the experience will foster creativity in theirs…whatever that might be. As simple as this idea may appear, a collective artistic creation experience contains an important catalyst when it comes to creating bonds between people.

For the past 14 years, I've had the opportunity to produce these Collective Art Projects in a multitude of ways (See "Completed Projects"). All in all, I have had the opportunity to work with over 20,000 people. I owe it all to the fact that the medium and techniques I use in these collaborative projects are very approachable and simply irresistible...  everyone loves to participate.

Whether your group is composed of 6 or 6000 people (or much more), I know that I can put together a project proposal which will meet your needs for a memorable and absolutely entertaining group activity.


Groups of 100 or less participants :


In your project, you are the artists and I am the technician. I will bring everything needed for the project. In terms of time commitment on your part, the "rough in" segment of the activity can  be adapted to a client's needs and time availability. During this period of time, I will have every participant put a bend into a predetermined number of copper bands. Then, I will mix a small batch of concrete which, while wearing latex gloves, the participants will have the opportunity to spread into a frame/form… this is where adults become kids again! Once the bands of copper have been integrated into the concrete base, I will bring the unfinished work of art to my studio to add color and a protective coating.

Once finished, I will bring back the work of art (20" x 20") along with a commemorative plaque (20" x 10") describing the project mounted together on a backboard. The backboard will be painted flat black and offer a 2 inch framing border surrounding the whole project. With the protective coating, everyone will be welcome to touch it as this is definitely part of its appeal. The total size of the arrangement is 24”h x 36”w and comes with a special cleat for an easy and secure installation. At delivery, the completed project becomes the property of the client.


HYPER-ART (more than 100 participants):


Each project of this magnitude requires its own approach.

My largest project included the participation of 8313 people during the World Acadian Congress (August 2009). My latest project from this category was created on October 4, 2014, during this year's edition of TEDx Moncton. TEDx is any locally organized variation of the very popular TED Talks. As a way to help energize and kickoff the event, I launched a "HYPER-ART Collective Art Project". In less than three minutes, all of the 153 people in attendance included their artistic participation by bending 22 originally straight segments of copper… quickly (they had 3 seconds each). The different shapes thus created inspired me to place their unique copper creations within the freshly troweled layer of concrete. Later, I added the colors and a protective coating to the work of art. This collective art project represents the high level of local interest in such events as this one. It is also an excellent example of the great things we can accomplish through the spirit of teamwork. In this photo gallery, you will find several pictures of the event including a few of the finished work of art.


Other potential applications:


• staff party
• off-site management meetings
• family reunions
• Weddings (anniversaries and other similar events) (You will find here  (a very special story)


REMOTE Art Creation :


Yes!... it's actually possible to do this from a distance. I would simply ship to you required pieces of copper which you and your group  would bend and then have you ship it back to me so I could create a work of art with your input. Without the traveling expenses, it makes this collaborative approach more cost effective.


List of clients:


J.D. Irving

Corporate Research Associates

Moncton Honda

Chartered Professional Accountants,

New Brunswick

Health Canada

Atlantic Lotto Corporation

KPMG (Fredericton)

Aquila Tours, Saint John

City of Moncton

Eastern College (formaly,Compucollege)

Moncton YMCA

The Human Resources Association of New Brunswick

The Military Family Resource Center (Moncton and Oromocto)

and many more...

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