Concrete Counter tops:

Here, you'll find information relating to the production of this unique product.

Master Bath / Bromley Project

This was my very first project as well as a very difficult delivery through a second-floor window. (Read more)

Serving Bar with Beer Bottle Glass / Abbott Ct.

This was the very first countertop I have made using beer bottle glass. (Read more)

Modern Kitchen / Turnberry Cresent Project

Delivered just before Christmas 2013, this 84 ft.² countertop is the largest have installed to date. (Read more)

University of New Brunswick (Geology-Forestery) / Fredericton

Embedded fossils. (Read more)

Outside Food prep area / Léonide Street Project

Next to this outside fireplace, this food prep area is ideal for entertainment. (Read more)

Soft curves for a traditional look / Lutz st. Project

The marbled effect was created by using two different types of concrete mixes. (Read more)

The Prince Edward Brewing Company Ltd. (Gahan)

Made with 450 lbs of broken beer bottles, this chef's serving counter is the talk of the town. (Read more)

The Prince Edward Brewing Company / Owners' Residence BBQ

Since they were happy with the first project, they decided to get a new food prep area for a backyard barbecue. (Read more)

Please note: The following projects have been created using (Glass fiber reinforced concrete) GFRC. It has been used for the past 30 years to produce many concrete products, especially thin architectural cladding panels, but also for ornamental concrete such as domes, statues, planters, and fountains. Recently, decorative concrete artisans have discovered the benefits of GFRC for decorative panels (such as fireplace surrounds), concrete countertops,  artificial rock work, and of course, sinks. It allows a tremendous amount of design flexibility.

1/2 bath on main floor:

This 1/2 bath is small but adds a sleek design punch to the main floor area. For this project, a charcoal gray mix was created and the final product was anchored directly to the walls so it would be freestanding.

En suite 1/2 bath in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC):

This small en suite has big appeal with its new GFRC countertop. In this particular project, a very light cement base mix was  highlighted with white cement paste.

From one extreme to the other.

This spacious en suite is simply stunning.

Vanity counter and matching shower panels.

Yeah!!! No more grout lines to clean.